The first details about Spider are confirmed

Much has been speculated on the next spider-man movie for the MCU. Although it was already known that Marvel and Sony intend to continue making arachnid movies, the details were scarce. Now, a new report indicates that both Tom Holland and Zendaya and John Watts would be back to the next Spider-Man adventure.

According to a report by Deadline, where it is mentioned that John Watts will not direct the Fantastic 4 movie, it is mentioned that Sony producers are working to bring together Tom Holland, in the role of Spider-Man, Zendaya, as MJ, and Watts , in the position of director, for Spider-Man 4 in the MCU.

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At the moment there are no more official details about it. However, considering that both John Watts and Tom Holland have decided to take a break from Hollywood cinema, It is likely that it will spend a long time before having clear information . Fortunately, this will calm the fans a bit, who still do not know exactly what will happen to the character.

Recall that Rumors indicate that Spider-Man’s next movie would be focused on Miles Morales , with Tom Holland passing the mantle to a new actor for the role, but this still still does not have an official confirmation. Along with this, it has also been pointed out that a crossover with the Sony Venom universe is a matter of time.

On related issues, Bad Bunny will star in a Spider-Man Spin-off. Similarly, Sam Raimi talks about the details that nobody noticed about his movies.

Editor’s note:

Although I would like to see Tom Holland as Spider-Man for a long time, the actor is likely to do other things. Not everyone can be Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans and sign a contract that links you to a paper for a decade.

Vía: Deadline