NBA Playoffs: Golden State Warriors verlieren Gary Payton II

The Golden State Warriors will have to do without Gary Payton II in the playoff series against the Memphis Grizzlies in the upcoming games. After a hard foul and a bad fall, the guard contracted a fracture in the left elbow.

This was confirmed by the Warriors shortly after the 101: 106 bankruptcy in game 2 against the grizzlies after an X-ray examination. However, according to the franchise, it is still unclear how severe the injury is. An MRI on Wednesday should clarify more.

Payton II, who stood on the floor again from the start, went down after only three minutes in game 2 after a hard foul by Dillon Brooks. The Grizzlies Guard had cleared him in the air from behind when Payton II wanted to support himself, his left elbow bent away at an unnatural angle.

Brooks received a flagrant foul 2 for this offense, which led to an automatic ejection. Immediately after the campaign, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was on the sidelines of Fuchsteufelswild and screamed with a few swear words: “Hau damn off again, Brooks.”

“I don’t know if it was intentional, but it was definitely a dirty play,” said Kerr at the press conference after the game. “Playoff basketball is said to be physically and competitive, but there is a code in this league that you never endanger another player’s career. You don’t keep a player who is in the air and ultimately brings him his elbow.”

NBA Playoffs: Warriors after “Bullshit-Foul” angry

Draymond Green, who was also expelled in game 1 of the series with a flagrant foul 2 of the field and got a slap in the face in game 2 -he had to be sewn, when walking into the cabin he showed the grizzlies fans the middle finger -, complained about the Brooks campaign and called it a “bullshit-foul”. The 26-year-old now threatens a lock on the part of the league.

How long Payton II will be missing from the Warriors is still unclear. According to analyst Jeff Stotts, the downtime depends on which bones are broken in the elbow. Payton II will probably fail weeks than days.

In his sixth year in the NBA in the playoffs, the 29-year-old put an average of 7.0 points and 3.5 rebounds at 72.7 percent from the field in 18 minutes. In the series against Memphis, Coach Kerr used him as a starter to set him Morant in the defense.

NBA Playoffs: Grizzlies vs. Warriors – The series at a glance (1-1)

Game Date Time Home About result

Gary Payton II Provides Spark Off Bench in Golden State Warriors' Win | Oct. 24, 2021
1 | 1. May | 9:30 p.m. | Memphis Grizzlies | Golden State Warriors | 116: 117
2 | 4. May | 3.30 a.m. | Memphis Grizzlies | Golden State Warriors | 106: 101
3 | 8th. May | 2.30 a.m. | Golden State Warriors | Memphis Grizzlies | –
4 | 10. May | 4 o’clock | Golden State Warriors | Memphis Grizzlies | –
5 | 12. May | 3.30 a.m. | Memphis Grizzlies | Golden State Warriors | –
6| 14. May | TBD | Golden State Warriors | Memphis Grizzlies | –
| 17. May | TBD | Memphis Grizzlies | Golden State Warriors | –

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