Ex-nba professional Payne shot

The former NBA professional Adreian Payne fell victim to a shootout in Florida on Monday.
Orlando’s police confirmed the death of the 31 -year -old basketball player.
“A man who was identified as Adreian Payne, born on February 19, 1991, was shot and declared dead in the hospital,” said the local authorities, which was spread on Twitter.
The 29 -year -old alleged shooter was arrested, and the first degree Murder is charged to him.
The motif is still unclear.

Former NBA star Adreian Payne shot dead in Orlando
Payne was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 2014, and until his move after a season to the Minnesota Timberwolves, he was team -mate of international Dennis Schröder.
After three years at the Wolves, Payne played a season for Orlando Magic in the North American professional league before moving to Europe.
Most recently, he was under contract with Juventus Utena in Lithuania.