Werder Bremen before the 34th matchday: treacherous starting position

Even at active times, Clemens Fritz was part of the variety of football professionals, who, when it came to the end of a season, would no longer have reached the newspaper and read every headline. “I was one who was very concentrated in this phase,” said Werder’s head of professional football on Tuesday, five days before the 34. Matchday in the 2nd division.

Fritz: “That is the danger”

Since last Sunday it had become “too much” for him with all the texts about the Bremen second division club, in which of course information was not to be missed: only one point would be enough for the current table in the last game of the season, around one year after relegation to return to the Bundesliga immediately. And “that,” emphasized Fritz, “is exactly the danger”, it makes the starting position so treacherous. Because: it is “only” about this one point.

Regensburg as a party crasher?

The 41 -year -old repeatedly repeated that the home game for Werder was like to tackle “like any other”, especially since he has not yet experienced it in his career, “that you are going into play and playing in a draw – I don’t even know, I don’t even know, how that should work “. In Bremen on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. all the signs are on victory. “Knowing”, “said Fritz, that opponent Regensburg can” play with a certain looseness “, which may be more dangerous potential. As table-13. Has his own season for the Jahn ran long ago; However, the role as a party crasher would still be possible.

The Day Werder Bremen Showed Power Against Barcelona

four promoters in the Bremen squad

From Werder’s perspective, according to Fritz, it will be crucial to “keep a cool head, not to be influenced, to believe in your own quality” and also bring up the necessary patience. Requirements that should be introduced in particular by the experienced Werder professionals. With Anthony Jung, Niclas Füllkrug, Nicolai Rapp and Ömer Toprak, there are four professionals in the Bremen squad, who have already raised their ex-clubs once.

But after his early replacement in the past game in Aue, Captain Toprak has not necessarily become more likely. “We have to wait for him for the next few days. He felt his calf again. It was a precaution to take him out before something worse happens,” said Fritz. First of all, the 32 -year -old will train individually this week – and increase the stress depending on the course. His expiring contract could therefore be about the last minutes of Topraks for Werder. According to Fritz, the topic of a possible extension arises after this “decisive game”.