Path of Exile

Poe 3.18 Witch Von Vikton League Starter Builds

Judging from the number of Path of Exile witches in the last League, the witch alliance can be called. The most popular builds for beginners in the witch class are the skeleton mage and the golem. If you compare these builds, each has its pros and cons. We took Von Vikton’s build as the base of the Poe Build and tweaked it slightly to make the game more comfortable, new bosses at the end of the game, unpleasant things like two Void Guardians on the map, and initially, and initially, there should be only one of them. Amazingly, the building pulls these things, all within a budget of 5-7 levels. We must say this is not my first build for those interested.

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  1. I managed to get T15-T16 cards with a budget of 300 Chaos and then bought more.
  2. No need to re-roll the module. Even at a custodian’s 120% limit, they feel great. As soon as he became one, he lived a full 5 seconds. Two guardians with mods like this, I’ve also experienced it but died four times, two of them.
  3. Multi-level protection allows you to forgive many players’ mistakes and face troubles.
  4. Many mechanisms allow you to increase damage, which is temporarily convenient. While one skill is recovering, you can use another skill.
  5. When the bank ends – life is just beginning! Allows you to restore all health within 2 seconds through patience, and restore half of your health immediately)
  6. There is a little chaos resistance. I managed to spread it out to +50%, which is enough.
  7. Has 54% block and 36% spell block. Better than no blocks. Considering your high armor – which is probably normal – I suggest you test it yourself. You can overclock higher, sacrifice about 1k damage, or block with the help of the Glancing Blocks passive – but then 65% of the block hit damage will pass.
  8. Not challenging to manage.
  9. You cannot be frozen (Soul of the Saltwater King)
  10. You Don’t Care The Burning Ground mod (Soul of Abberath)
  11. Shock Immunity
  12. You have the aura that allows you to disperse the body—damage to the team due to the Ascension and Aura you take.
  13. You have 20k armor. It becomes 40+kk under the bank


  1. Reflect physical strength. Damage will kill your puppet, and then you’re a corpse
  2. Maps without regeneration – unpleasant but ok. If low lvl, then in AFK, if high lvl, then you will need to squeeze through the bank.


  1. Unconscious aggression
  2. Unnatural forces
  3. Dark Commander
  4. The Sacrifice Mistress

Kill All – Earn 2 Points


  1. Pride (physical damage)
  2. Resolve (Armor)
  3. Banner of Dread (pierces and reduces accuracy against enemies by 22%)
  4. Storm Shield (Immune to Electric Shock + 25% Chance to Block Spell)

Kill marks (per crit chance and crit multiplier). This dramatically increases damage! So don’t forget to put pressure on your boss.


  1. The lava shell is set to move to the left mouse button. So it will be called every time you move.
  2. Anima Stones are best made according to the merchant’s recipe rather than purchased from the trade. it will come out at half the cost
  3. To make a ring for a golem, it’s best to buy the ring itself and swing a stone in it. It will eat it. It’s best to purchase level 19 stones right away, and you’ll need to pump them up a bit, so the ring eats them. It’s still cheap, but you’ll need to trade in these stones when they show up. I pumped all four stones within a few hours. Once the ring has eaten all the stones, the zombie bulge at the end, he’ll stay there, and the ring won’t eat him.
  4. A helmet like mine is probably the most expensive item in this build. But I bought it on day 5 of the league when the price was high. He took me four elevations. It’s easier and cheaper to make your own with the help of fossils. It would help if you bought a level 86 Ancient Base, throw a Minion Fossil into it, and plug it one slot into the Chaos Resonator until it triggers +3 Stone. If the base is lower than 86, the stone +3 will not work, at most +2. I bought it off the shelf as there was no cheap Elder helmet deal for 86 bases at the time.

Guidelines for passing the bill:

  • In Act 1, sell unidentified rare and magic items (yellow and blue) for transformation orbs to buy stones
  • In Act 2, only rare items (yellow) are collected and sold. Before being sold, it must be marked with a scroll. If there are no scrolls, put them in the chest before the identification scrolls appear. Then sell ok.
  • Use a mix of zombies and skeletons in Acts 1 – 4
  • Get boots with movement speed, if not found during pass:
    Sold to the merchant: boots + Orb of Augmentation + Flask for running
  • Get a bottle to treat your pet (pet):
    Sold to Merchant: Flask for health + Bone Spirit Shield + Orb of Transmutation
  • Get a helmet with +1 to pet (pet)) :
    Sold to Merchant: Healing Minion Flask + Helm + Alternate