Only Vilzing and Ansbach fight for the regional league

This can be a last day! It has been clear since Saturday that the DJK Vilzing and SpVgg Ansbach occupy the first two places, but whoever rises directly and who has to undergo the tremor play “Relegation” is still completely open to the two point teams.

Thanks to the better direct comparison in Vilzinger, the SpVgg Bayern Hof had some problems and needed a large portion of patience. Almost bizarre that disciples in the first round missed two penalty. After all, the zero was at the back, also because Wolf saved in the early phase of the game against Kyndl at the last moment.

But younger made his two misconceptions well again: in the 67th minute he got his head to a cross from Trettenbach and the Upper Palatinate. Maybe still inspired by this, Müller dared to spend a long -range shot on the net six minutes later. In a game in which the two teams went out towards the end, Joker Stiglbauer added the 3-0 final score in the 85th minute with a goal from an acute angle.

Kroiß is immediately wide awake

After the end of the game, the view wandered to the Middle Franconian district capital. But the SpVgg Ansbach did not even think of doing any favor to the Vilzingers. Unlike the sharpest competitor, the Ansbacher set the course early against ASV Cham. In the 18th minute, Kroiß scored in the stomach without caffeinated lemonade, ripped off 1-0. Peutler in the guest goal earned an extra praise in the further course of the first half with a few good parades. But he too was powerless in the 44th minute: Kroiß put on Landshut, who shot from around 20 meters.

After the restart, Peutler saved with a good reflex against Kroiß before a Schelhorn shot from Faltermeier was directed into his own goal in the 54th minute. On the last few meters of the game, Schelhorn was able to sit on the scoreboard without opposing help. In the 81st minute he met after a double pass with Kroiß, eight pointer turns on it initially failed to Peutler, Schelhorn dusted. But even if it sounded 5-0 after a cozy walk, the ASV fought for a long time.

The fact that there will be a duel for the promotion on the last match day was also because ATSV Erlangen and FC Eintracht Bamberg lost their home games against teams from midfield in 2010. Erlangen with 0: 2 against TSV Abtswind, the Bamberger 1: 3 against the 1st SC Feucht.

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sand played a guided tour

Sad certainty: 1. FC Sand will play in the Landesliga next season. Imago/Beautiful Sports

There is certainty in the relegation battle: the 1. FC Sand has relegated to TSV Karlburg due to the 1-2 defeat, can no longer leave the last place with four points behind SV Seligenporten. In the 19th minute the hope was still real, Wagner scored for the FCS. For a long time, this lead lasted, but it was also difficult to defend him by the fact that Gonnert had to go down with yellow-red in the 70th minute. Karlburg struck late, first Kunzmann (80th), then frieze with a transformed penalty in the 87th minute.

When asked who secured the saving 13th place on the last match day and whoever has to go to the relegation as 14th, a sparkling remote duel between ASV Cham and FV 04 Würzburg (3: 5 at the DJK givingbach ). The direct comparison is balanced because of two 1-0 wins, the goal difference is also identical with -30, however – and that is the most important – Cham has three more points in the account.

Vatan Spor Aschaffenburg, like Würzburg, is there with 28 points, but has lost direct comparison against both the Main Franconia and Cham.