Stahlbad FC Bayern: Why Kahn could still go up the walls

Oliver Kahn looked back on his first season as CEO at FC Bayern Munich, took stock and given a view.

“These first two years at Bayern were violent for me, a quite quite steel bath,” Kahn wrote in a detailed contribution to LinkedIn LinkedIn looking back on his return to FC Bayern 2020 as a member of the board, whose boss in 2021 as the successor to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge became.

Kahn evaluates the past season as predominantly positive, he calls “something monumental” to win the tenth championship in a row.

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“To become a master ten times in a row, as the first team in the European top 5 leagues-you can only do something like that with a very unusual generation of players,” wrote the 52-year-old.

Kahn: Champions League is still annoyed

In the Bundesliga, FC Bayern “delivered close to the optimum”, Kahn, on the other hand, push the failures in the DFB Cup, in which one lost two 0: 5 against Gladbach, and in the Champions League, where the outsider FC Villarreal end station in the quarter -finals.

“When I sit in front of the TV at a semi -finals of the Champions League, I could go up the walls,” wrote Kahn, who is sure “that our players and our coach Julian Nagelsmann have saved these experiences so that we Something like that may no longer happen. “

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Kahn: “Leadership takes place above all internally”

With regard to his own work, Kahn admits a learning process: “In my first season as CEO, I also learned that it is of great importance for the public that the people involved in FC Bayern are present in external perception – namely permanently present. Because the identity creates. “

He himself does not necessarily understand the presence and volume. “I think I have a sense of when I have to be present and when not,” wrote Kahn. “For me, leadership takes place internally. People in the club need to know what our goals are for the future and how we want to implement them.”

Kahn: “Football is generally changing”

And the goals are clearly defined: “We want to offer our fans attractive, emotional and successful football – preferably with the maximum yield of titles.”

Kahn has been able to experience that the conditions are not easy in the past two years: “With my entry into the board, the pandemic began, the consequences will still deal with us for some time, and football is generally in a change with all of them Professionalizing investor clubs, a new Champions League format from 2024 and the Financial Sustainability Regulation, the further development of the Financial Fairplay. “

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From 1994 to 2008 Kahn played over 600 competitive games for FC Bayern and won the German championship eight times with the Munich team, six times the DFB Cup and the Champions League in 2001.