Malocher Rexhbecaj goes

It is the ideal idea when such a deal is agreed: all sides benefit and are satisfied in the end. The player, the lending club, the temporary employer.

fans celebrated Rexhbecaj enthusiastically

And of course the Bochum supporters, who celebrated Rexhbecaj after the 4: 3 in Dortmund and of course after the last home game, the 2-1 against Bielefeld, were and are extremely agreed with the permanent runner. In fact, the marathon man, who always plunged without reservation, was enthusiastically accepted by VfL fans.

“He is a mentality player that you can always rely on,” says coach Thomas Reis. The midfielder was used in 32 of 33 possible games so far, practically never disappointed, in the sense of the team always exhausted.

not a single goal and no assist succeeded Rexhbecaj

Certainly, for example in terms of goal danger, his balance sheet is significantly expandable. Not a single goal and no assist succeeded in loan from VfL Wolfsburg, and this is of course far too little for a midfielder who is at least partially aggressively oriented.

“He is a character type that gives his last shirt”

But Rexhbecaj is a malocher, and that’s why he arrived at VfL very well. “He is a character type that gives his last shirt for the club for which he plays. He has already shown this in Cologne,” rice raven.

It is obvious that the district club would have loved to keep the hardworking worker. It is just as logical that Rexhbecaj are now open completely different doors. His contract at VfL Wolfsburg runs until 2023, and at the factory club you are of course extremely satisfied with the development of the 24-year-old.

So does he stay in Wolfsburg? Or does he continue? On the one hand, the competition in Wolfsburg is large in its area of application, on the other hand, Rexhbecaj, trained in the Wolfsburg offspring, brings attributes such as mentality and identification that the Lower Saxony also painfully missed this season.

Bochum will continue to rely on loan players

In any case, his time ends in Bochum on Saturday, but he almost helps his current club beyond the season. Because VfL Bochum will also rely on play -free players and loan shops in the Bundesliga in the second year. And for how a loan player in Bochum can develop, Rexhbecaj is of course the ideal example. In this respect, VfL Bochum has a lot to offer as a (also temporary) employer.

Even in the upcoming transfer summer, it will be the case that many players want to get their career going again through a loan. Then there will also be interesting rental shops for Bochum.

remains Stafylidis?

Managing Director Sebastian Schindzielorz and Thomas Reis have proven a good hand in this regard. In one case, it seems quite possible that a player, whose loan now ends, will also bear the Bochum jersey in the coming season. The talks with those responsible for TSG Hoffenheim to have Kostas Stafylidis in Bochum have been running for some time.