U-17 coach master before the European Championship in the level

In Israel, the first big tournament is a coach for you. Are you excited, Mr. Meister?

Sure, of course! That shows how important it is to me. We prepared for it for three years. It is the final of the cycle U 15, U 16 and U 17. That’s why I know that players and coaches go there with a lot of anticipation and ambitions.

You have already worked in the men’s area. How big is the difference between seniors and juniors?

This tournament will also deal with this team for the first time. This is the agenda for the professionals. Nevertheless: Here we have a team in development and the tournament should help.

one day do you take on a professional team?

It is important to me to work at the highest level. In the men’s area, these are the first three leagues, in the young area what I am doing at the moment. I do that with dedication and therefore I am in the right place. But I don’t rule out anything for the future. A derby with Karlsruhe in Stuttgart in front of more than 50,000 fans – you don’t forget that. I’m happy at the moment.

The last title so far won a German U 17 2009. Can you make it this time?

Then we would think of the final right now. But we take the tournament in slices. It will be important for us that we get a good start to the tournament. We let a team grow together, which has also achieved the way out of the results. We now want to demonstrate that at the season highlight.

What distinguishes the team?

A huge desire to defend over 90 minutes clean and consistently. We made the defensive become our character and not forgot to be dangerous. We hold the opponent away from the goal, all players take part. That was impressive, we want to build on. The players who come more about the joy of playing and playing are also committed to this. That can sound boring. But when the opponent is biting their teeth, it is also great fun.

The lower talent density in the offspring has always been an issue. How about your year?

I have the feeling that other years are more affected. In the U 15 and U 16, many games and courses through Corona have failed. But I see that the boys don’t want to accept this as an excuse. They really want to know. And many players are already in their clubs with the U-19 teams, a few even in the license teams.

For example Paul Wanner from FC Bayern and Sidney Raebiger from RB Leipzig.

Or Tom Bischof in Hoffenheim and Dennis Seimen in Stuttgart. The two have only not received any minutes. The fact that the clubs already have them above is a trust. I have followed Paul training sessions and have to say: he does that very well. He does not hide and always has success experiences at the level. But it is important that they play. Of course there are not so many minutes in the Bundesliga, but then we come into play.

Leaders: Paul Wanner. Imago Images/Ulm press amateur agency

Wanner could also have played for Austria and was under discussion for promoting an older year. How did you convince him of the U 17?

We did not give this topic too much space with him. From the beginning he was part of the 2005 year to shaking hands after our qualification in Glasgow, where he was back for the first time. Since he had completed three games over 90 minutes, twice the best running values and defensively worked scary. And also scored a goal. He identifies himself scary with this team and you can see that on the pitch. He has his home in the U-teams with us and also the claim to lead. He is not only looking forward to the tournament, but also wants to tear something.

Do you see your team at the previous climax of the development?

Quite. But we know that things have to go even higher. We are not yet at the top of the mountain. Many other teams such as Italy are at eye level.

Who do you see as a favorite?

France vs Poland U17/Italy vs Germany U17 Football Live Stream - UEFA European Under 17 Championship

Bulgaria, for example, has not been fault in the qualification. There are also the big football nations: We haven’t played against France and the Netherlands yet, but in the videos I see that there are some good boys. Nevertheless, I can imagine that they talk about us similarly and do not necessarily want us to have in the quarter -finals.

Most of their players come from professional clubs. Do the big clubs collect all talents or is the focus on these centers?

There are still different ways in talent promotion.
This is proven by our nomination by Maurice Krattenmacher from Unterhaching, who probably becomes top scorer in his season.
We do not close ourselves to anyone.
Such a tendency is not an intention, but the status quo.
There are maybe six other players who could have been in the 20s squad just as well.
At the final around the German B-Junior Championship, six levels were on the field who travel to Israel.
It is simply a query of the current performance.
What’s your goal?
There is no tactical tact.
We want to exceed our level, move into the final and win it.