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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the continuation of Fallen Order, is the new Respawn

Electronic Arts has announced Star Wars Jedi: Survivor , the continuation of the acclaimed Fallen Order. On these lines you can see the first teaser.

There is no Gameplay in the video, which focuses on giving an idea of the tone that is sought in this sequel. Nor is there talk of platforms or precise dates are given: the teaser closes pointing at 2023 as a year of launch, a sufficiently generous target.

On the official Star Wars website they have published an interview with Stig Asmussen, director of Fallen Order and Survivor. There are no great revelations, either, although it does tell a couple of interesting things. On the tone of the video, for example, Asmussen confirms that the idea was to “leave the player with many questions” about the characters and the universe, and show the “dark era” in which lime and other characters try to get ahead.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Official Teaser
“The game goes on survival,” says Asmussen. «That’s why it’s called Jedi: Survivor. It is a dark era, and lime and the team do whatever it takes to stay alive. That happens to connect with people who, at another time, could have been considered in bad taste. Some of those things are seen in the trailer, and, again, I don’t want to leave my tongue, but there is certainly a feeling of… I don’t want to do Spoilers, I’m sorry! »

There is also talk in the interview about the new generation of consoles, with the ray tracing as a great protagonist in the visual; The haptic vibration of the PS5 dualsense is also mentioned, although I imagine that the current situation does not encourage that this survival will not go out on PS4 and One if necessary.