How to farm horsetail in Genshin Impact

Horsetail is a culinary ingredient that can only be found in LiUE, most of which live in shallow water at the stone gate and in the swamp of Dihua. Although there are not many dishes and fishing lures that you can cook from horsetail, you may need some of them from time to time.

In this case, here are all the places where you can get horsetail in Genshin Impact, as well as how to use the ingredient in various recipes.

where to find horsetail in Genshin Impact

Horsetails grow only among wheat plantations. They are bright pink, and they are easy to notice against the background of more dull surrounding plants. During agriculture, be sure to adhere to shallow water and use wheat to find horsetails.

Most of the horsetail are located along the edge of the water from the track point of the teleport to the north of the stone gate, up to the Dihua swamp. It is recommended to start your route from the northern track point of the teleport and move south to collect all the horsetails along the way. The images below shows where to find all the horsetails in the game.

where to buy horsetail in Genshin Impact

If you are in a hurry, you can buy horsetail in Guy herbalist in a Bubu pharmacy **. He sells 10 horsetails 240 mora each and replenishes reserves every three days.

how to put horsetail in Genshin Impact

Horsetail can be planted Value path: neat meadow in the Serenitea pot. You can buy seeds in the kingdom warehouse or get them, growing horsetails using a seed dispensary gadget. You can plant four horsetails at a time-they will be ready to collect the crop in two days and 22 hours.

What recipes do horsetail in Genshin Impact use?

* Fake bait (workshop)
* x1 flowering sakura
* x1 horsetail

* rice buns (cooking)

* X1 Fig
* x1 horsetail

* Juyun Guoba (cooking)
* X1 Juyun Chile
* x1 ham
* X2 Fig
* x2 horsetail

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