Hertha BSC | Maik Franz plainly: Windhorst needs to find out

Bernstein should likewise distinguish itself from the ultra scene understood to him. It will be the large obstacle, stated Franz, but he has a clear vision, a clear concept.

It is especially essential for Maik Franz to close the shoulder between Bernstein and also Hertha investor Lars Windhorst, that had spoken up as President for Steffel.

Bernstein is an straightforward and realistic character with which you can trade suggestions. In 2014 itself was for the Hertha.

Lars Windhorst needs to learn, that is really crucial. He made clear errors, stated Franz, if he approaches the new president, it can function. Yet it can likewise enter into the pants.

Ex-professional Maik Franz trusts the brand-new Hertha President Kay Bernstein to remove the deep trenches at the Bundesliga club from the capital.

He opens doors rather of shutting it, claimed the former defender in an interview with Franzradio Germany about the new boss, who was previously Ultra scene belonging to Hertha.

Kay is not a hardliner, he has a white and also blue heart. He is open to everything. He opens doors rather than closing it, said the previous defender in a meeting with Franzradio Germany concerning the brand-new boss, that was formerly Extremely scene belonging to Hertha.

Bernstein was elected as the follower to Werner Gegenbauer on June 26 as well as had actually prevailed against his competitor and political specialist Frank Steffel. His objective was to come to be the club, which had just protected against the impending collision last season in relegation.

Bernstein should also separate itself from the ultra scene understood to him. He made clear mistakes, stated Franz, if he comes close to the brand-new head of state, it can work.