Professional shogi AI analysis service Shogi Analytics started. Easy to use analysis with the latest shogi AI from the web browser

On July 4, HEROZ Co., Ltd. launched the service of the professional shogi analysis service for professional shogi analytics **. Free plans and paid plans are prepared, and the basic fee for paid plans is 11,000 yen (tax included) per month. It can be used for 10 hours a month, and the amount exceeding that is 20 yen/minute.


Shogi Analytics is a service that allows you to simultaneously analyze the analysis of the latest deep learning shogi AI DLSHOGI and the Yaneura King Shogi AI Suikatsu. A UI/UX environment that can be easily operated by one button is prepared, supporting shogi AI research. In addition, this service is only available in the latest model of DLSHOGI, which has been enhanced in the HEROZ calculation environment. The corresponding OS is Windows/MacOS/Android/iOS, and the corresponding browser is Chrome/Safari/Edge/Firefox (latest version recommended).

Research utilizing deep learning shogi AI usually requires expensive investment in high-end GPU/CPUs, complicated introduction processes, and regular hardware and software. For this reason, the information gap between Shogi AI research has been expanding. In the Shogi Analytics, you can carry such a hurdle in one hand, and you can use the service simply by accessing a browser.

As for the computational resources of the service, nine servers equipped with NVIDIA A100 × 8 are prepared, and enhanced learning in the HEROZ calculation environment. It is said that the model currently open is learning about 2 billion phases.

AI analysis cannot be used in the free plan. There is a restriction that the cloud preservation and reference of the game record are up to 100 stations. The functions such as opening, playing and editing a game record can be used. In the paid plan, of course, all functions can be used. Please check the official website for details of Shogi Analytics.