Sainz, Ferrari as well as Silverstone, a wonderful cocktail

Blick: After the horror in the starting round, the followers experienced the criminal activity thriller from Silverstone after a hr’s break. With several main actors and also a residence collision at Ferrari. The new star: Carlos Sainz.



de Telegraaf: Max Verstappen limited the damages in Silverstone in a connected automobile The spectacular Grand Prix of Great Britain revealed where the Formula 1 line desires to go: Round-long battles on the blade cutter, an unexpected winner (Carlos Sainz) and an additional evidence that today’s cars are secure..


Gazzetta Dello Sport: Ole Sainz, ultimately king aboard a Ferraris! The Spaniard shakes the tag of the eternal second and also celebrates its initial success in Formula 1st colleague Leclerc once more pays a high rate for marelless approach mistakes as well as loses A race that he currently had under control.

Guardian: The initial Formula 1 success is memorable, and also Carlos Sainz will unquestionably remember his triumph in a remarkable general practitioner of Terrific Britain for a long time. After the Halo system Guanyu Zhou probably saved his life in his crash the 142,000 viewers in Silverstone experienced a dazzling race.

Daily Mail: The race was as if Silverstone had developed into a kart track, on which large children worked on bike with the joys of 142,000 loud fans as well as defended the globe champion. Additionally, the first triumph of Carlos Sainz was available in the 150th attempt, which was still a critical mess for Ferrari since team-mate Charles Leclerc had triumphed if the Scuderia had done the best point.


Corriere della sera: Stroke of genius de Movie theater and Wild West at the 2nd beginning: Leclerc battles alone versus all rivals, but is a loser out of the race. Sainz ‘First triumph is an alleviation for Ferrari and takes after an unfavorable Collection the pressure from group boss Mattia Binotto.


Marca: Carlos Sainz wins after a catch-up in the Genuine Madrids design in Silverstone and becomes the successor Alonsos. It is the Spaniard’s very first Formula 1 success in a race complete of problems. The halo system worked well to a cold down your back.

Telegraph: A high up on Silverstone, the paradise of the perfectionists. As often as the future of this substantial airfield was questioned for Formula 1, but right here, in front of 142,000 enthusiastic spectators, a race was offered for endless time. Theater, from Zhou Guanyu’s awful accident to Lewis Hamilton’s glorious dual surpassing maneuvers, which triggered thrilled ovation among followers.

Telegraph: A high on Silverstone, the paradise of the perfectionists. Marca: Carlos Sainz wins after a catch-up in the Actual Madrids style in Silverstone as well as ends up being the follower Alonsos. Blick: After the scary in the starting round, the followers experienced the criminal offense thriller from Silverstone after an hour’s break. The brand-new celebrity: Carlos Sainz.

As: Sainz, Ferrari as well as Silverstone, a magical alcoholic drink on a desire weekend. The Madrilene obtains his very first victory in front of Perez, Hamilton and also Leclerc.