Formally: World Cup in Qatar starts a day previously

FIFA has validated it and offers it as a big win: earlier than intended, the controversial World Cup in Qatar begins with the host of the host versus Ecuador.

An extra-sausage for World Cup hosts Qatar-von of FIFA marketed as a candy for followers: An excellent three months prior to the start of the already debatable desert world champion, the World Cup has actually confirmed a surprising strategy modification as well as progressed the start of the competition by someday.

As the news firm AFP had actually already reported, the opening video game in between the host and Ecuador is already happening on November 20.

The FIFA Council board unanimously chose. Prior to the match, the opening event occurs in the Al-Bayt Arena in the seaside town of Al-Chaur.

The World Cup begins with an also greater phenomenon for the domestic and international fans, FIFA introduced on Thursday night, given that Qatar is currently playing special on Sundays (7 p.m. local time/5 p.m. CET) against the group challenger from South America.

Qatar is said to have actually placed pressure on FIFA

FIFA now offered this as a modification in accordance with several years of practice seven years after the initial schedule of the World Cup start in September 2015, 4 as well as a half months after the group draw. The host’s team has been able to open up the tournament since 2006, from 1974 to 2002 the protecting champ had played the opening game-but unlike at the time, the globe champion is no more directly certified.

FIFA stated that tickets that have currently been obtained are still legitimate. One will certainly try to address problems that develop from this modification from case to instance. Germany will go into the event against Japan on November 23 (4 p.m.).

FIFA said that tickets that have actually currently been gotten are still valid. One will try to fix issues that arise from this change from situation to situation. The listing period for gamers stays the same on November 14th. Germany will certainly get in the event versus Japan on November 23 (4 p.m.).


The choice was preceded by an analysis of the controversial Worlding as well as operational effects in addition to comprehensive examinations and contracts with one of the most important passion teams and also the host nation, stated the Globe Organization. Catar is claimed to have placed pressure on FIFA to tip on the World Cup stage prominently, the portal The Athletic had actually reported.

The game between Senegal and the Netherlands is likewise impacted by the change, which now takes area on November 21st at 11:00 go to 5 p.m. CET at 11 p.m. England Iran would certainly also have been played before the main opening.