New Goldorak: Go Nagai reveals a new animation for 2023, here is the Intro Trailer!


2023 will plainly be the year of Goldorak’s return. While Microids actively prepares his computer game with the French Studio Endroad, on the side of Go Nagai, we were not idle either, because the designer of the ideal known robot in France has just revealed a new computer animated ‘next year. Face-Camera, the 76-year-old mangaka reveals to us that he has actually been servicing this Project G for a couple of years which he has actually collected the very best designers in Japan so that UFO Robo Grendizer’s resurgence obtains drums. We do not recognize much regarding the project yet, nor in what kind will the anime will come back (solo film, series?), However even more than 40 years later on, we see just how Goldorak still fascinates the crowds. Evidence of this is with the beast success of French comics launched at Kana in 2021 and signed by Xavier Dorison, Denis Bajram, Brice Cossu, Alexis Sentenac and Yoann Guillo. To date, comics has sold greater than 228,700 duplicates, which is merely colossal for a revival of this caliber. You simply have to hold your horses as well as await Dynamic Preparation, the Go Nagai manufacturing company, reveals more. In the meantime, we have a couple of illustrations that reveal a first Golgoth, and also some devices with a strange character next door. Has actually been in a rush that Microids exposes the initial gameplay photos of his video clip game. See you in 2023.