How to get a refund for Google Stadias purchases

It’s official. After months of speculation and rumors, Google announced that it would officially close its cloud games service, Google Stadia. Players will still have the option to play until it is formally closed on January 1. On January 23, 2023. They also announced that they would reimburse all the purchases of Stadia and all the purchases of games and additional content made through the Stadia store. But when will reimbursements occur? Today let’s talk How to get a refund for the purchases of Google Stadia.

Will players get a refund for Google Stadia games? Answered


For the short and sweet response, yes. Google announced that it will reimburse all purchases related to Stadia, not including real subscription rates. ** This also includes hardware purchases, games and additional content of Stadia. Here is a declaration of your help page:

_ We are working on this process now, and we will maintain this updated article as we define the process for each of the countries and the different situations. Our intention is that most reimbursements are processed to the original payment before January 18, 2023″._

From this moment, you can not make purchases through Stadia Store. This includes games and additional content purchases. Advance orders will also be canceled and reimbursed at a later date. Physical stores such as Best Buy or Google Store, for example, cannot process returns or reimbursements.

That is all you need to know about ** How to get a reimbursement of Google Stadia’s purchases. To get more frequent news and updates, see our related articles below.

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