How to get into Hedge Lab in Grounded

Hedge Lab is one of the most coveted attractions in Grounded. During your game trip, you must visit the laboratory to get the Hedge Burg.l chip, which will open important recipes, such as Zip lines / Ladder, which will help you move further in the game. As the name implies, Hedge Lab is located inside hedge-biom in the southeastern part of the card and requires accurate tracking to get to the laboratory.

Where is the hedge boom in Grounded?

As mentioned earlier, you must first get to the hedging biomes and start with it to find the laboratory. Use the image below for the graphic representation of the attraction.

Location Hedge Lab

Having reached the prescribed landmark, you will find a large tree with a small branch on which you can climb.

Start climbing wood until you find the way to the box of juice on the left top of the tree.

As soon as you get to the drawer for juice, go through it, and you will find the first villas . Take a villas and go to the other end.

At the other end, you will find a small laboratory/camp for a large bark.

Turn to the left through the mushrooms in front of the laboratory/camp to find the second villas . Roll up the villas and get to the other end.

Now you will find in front of you a large orange structure similar to Frisky, go through it and get to in the third iPhone.

Take the third villas to find a similar camp/laboratory after the first villas.

From the advantage, you can visually see the hedge laboratory on the opposite side of the hedge BIAM.

Go through the branches on the left side and climb onto the sheet to get to the final point. Fourth Villas This will bring you to Hedge Lab.


Remember that throughout the trip you will face many spiders, so from time to time treat yourself and be prepared for battle at any time.

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