NFL Wrap-up Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs 2730

With their 30:27 success at the Los Angeles Chargers, the Kansas City Chiefs already made a preliminary decision in the fight for AFC West in week 11. The best man was again Tight End Travis Hence Mt 3 Touchdowns.

Chargers vs. Chiefs: At a glance

  • As usual, the Chargers and Chiefs made a top-class exchange of blows in a direct duel. But after the home side got off to a better start, they were too lacking in the end.
  • Travis Hence scored at least 3 touchdowns in one game for the second time this season and was the decisive man for his team. The Chargers placed various players against him, but even star safety Darwin James couldn’t keep him in the end.
  • The Chargers got Wide Receiver Keenan Allen back, but with Mike Williams lost another returnee directly again due to injury. In addition, Linebacker Kenneth Murray may be serious about the neck and left the game prematurely. The chiefs also lost several players due to injury.

Chargers vs. Chiefs: The analysis

The chiefs seemed to have found a good recipe against the dangerous secondary secondary secondary recipe early on, which mostly acted in the sub-package. They put on Run Game and penetrated the Red Zone early. However, more than a field goal came out in the first drive.

The home side, in turn, did better and only needed three moves for one answer: Justin Herbert fired a 50-yard touchdown pass on Wide Receiver Josh Palmer.

In general, the game started in the first five series of attacks with five scores. However, the chiefs only made their first touchdown in the third attempt. And naturally, Travis Hence was the recipient of a 4-yard touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes for the interim 13:10 lead of the guests.

By the break, however, the Chargers then reach two scoring drives. Initially, Austin Keller completed a drive over 12 moves with a 1-yard touchdown and then Kicker Cameron thicker increased from 21 yards per field goal to 20:13 for the break.

Chargers vs. Chiefs: Guests come from the break brilliantly

At the break, the Chargers lost the recurred Wide Receiver Mike Williams due to injury. Crude Edwards-Helaire and Safety Juan Thorn hill had to fit the guests. A little later, Chargers-Linebacker Kenneth Murray and teammate Safety Nair Adderley injured themselves.

After the break, only the chiefs played. First they shortened by Harrison Butler’s third Field goal and then Mahomes found an open Hence in Space, and it ran to everyone for a 32-yard touchdown to start the final quarter. 23:20 Kansas City.

In return, Keenan all lost another long-awaited returnee from the Chargers a fumble who ended up with the chiefs. However, the damage was limited because Derick McKinnon gave the ball back shortly afterwards. Linebacker Troy shipowner forced the fumble with a targeted punch. A little later, everyone rehabilitated himself for a previous mistake with a spectacular 46-yard catch that transported the Chargers into the Red Zone.

There Herbert made short process and found Palmer 6-Yard touchdown pass 1:46 minutes before the end. Too much time for Mahomes, which ultimately 31 seconds before the end a third time Hence Fand-17-Yard touchdown! Decision.

With this success, the chiefs are already decisive in the AFC West and are three games ahead of their worst pursuer, against whom they have now also brought the Season Sweep. The Chargers will now have to fight for a wildcard.

Los Angeles Chargers (5-5)-Kansas City Chiefs (8-2)

Result: 27:30 (10: 6, 10: 7, 0: 3, 7:14) Box core

Chargers vs. Chiefs-the most important statistics

  • The 50 Yard touchdown from Palmer in the first quarter was not only the first opening drive touchdown against the chiefs this season, it was also the 11th completion of Herbert since 2020, which had flown at least 55 Air Yards. That is now three more such complete than any other QB in this period.
  • According to Next Gen Stats, the Palmer touchdown flew exactly 57.2 Air Yards and these are the second men with a complete against cover 2 this season.

The star of the game: Travis Hence (Tight End, Chiefs)

In the end he was again not to be held. The Star-Tight-end caught 6 passes for 115 yards and 3 touchdowns. No matter who played against him, he ultimately had the right answers again and showed again that he is hardly to cover-especially not one-on-one.

The flop of the game: Darwin James (Safety. Chargers)

James also had some good scenes, but ultimately it was he who was beaten by Kelce-Winner’s game winner with a few of the crucial scene. Before that, he looked very old, for example against Rookie Sky Moore. He plays risky because it is so good. But that took revenge in this game.

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Analysis: Chargers vs. Chiefs-die tactical panel

  • The chiefs had to do without the Wide Receiver Just Smith-Schuster and Become Hartman (IR). As a result, the staff ceiling on receivers was quite thin. This had two clear consequences: on the one hand, rookie-receiver Sky Moore saw more time and more targets. On the other hand, the chiefs more than one Tight End (Hence). Both Jody Fort son and Noah Gray got more snaps than usual and, like Hence, were used variably inside and outside.

  • The Chargers countered their variable secondary with a lot of man coverage as usual. At the start, they varied the guard of Hence and provided both cornerbacks (Callahan) and Linebacker (Murray) against the star-tight end of the chiefs. After this only worked to a limited extent, Darwin James was more often on Safety, the Hence made life noticeably heavier. James, however, occasionally acted as a dangerous speed camera and also helped out against the run as usual.
  • The chiefs mostly played cover 2, but partly tried to disguise it by showing one of the Safeties lightning before the one dropped. So also watch the 50-yard TD from Palmer.


  • After the chiefs had problems through the air with continuous duration in the first half, they put on the Run Game after the Pause, like starting game, which sometimes led to success against light boxing of the Chargers. And at the latest after the failure of Murray, which also acted more often than Spy, the Chargers had noticeably problems stopping.