Four years lock for St.-Pauli

The sports court of the Hamburg Football Association has now spoken its judgment practically two weeks later on. As the local Hamburg portal Fussifreunde reports, the Pauli-Raufbrother was sentenced to a four-year lock till June 2026.

In that minute, after a battle on the corner flag, a minute-long pack of packs developed, in the course of which not only two Paulians, an HFC gamer and a supervisor of False saw the red card, however likewise a substitute for the hosts of a Pauli gamer ruthless ended up being. The victim of the spanking attack had actually to be taken to the health center with a concussion and a fracture in the eye socket.

In addition, the 3rd team of FC St. Pauli from the sports court imposed a point deduction of 3 points for the event. There was a lock of 2 games for the other two red sinners. Because of unworthiness, the False manager has to pay a fine.


Both camps would have liked to do without scenes on Saturday, November 12th in the district league battle between the HFC False and the 3rd group of FC St. Pauli around the 50th minute.

The judgment is not yet final. Both sides can still appeal.