LOL: FNATIC and HYLISSANG separate paths after five unforgettable years

In League of Legends competitive, as in life, many times time or circumstances end up turning out that spark between two people, colleagues or relationships. This may be the clear example of Fanatic and Hissing, which after five successful seasons have decided to separate roads at a stage with many good times, but also several downs.

The British organization wanted to say goodbye to the Bulgarian support through a video on Twitter. This farewell has not come out as Fanatic himself wanted, since they had prepared a longer video, but they have not managed to upload it on time. That is why they have apologized and that they expect in the next few hours to be able to raise it to give it the tribute that one of the best players in Europe deserves.


Five years full of successes… and also of many ups and downs

Hissing. It was one of the key pieces in this last successful stage in Fanatic, with them, it has reaped several titles at European level, such as the extinct LCS EU and LEC, as well as good papers internationally. To highlight, the World Final in 2018, in which they stayed a better five to make history. Of course, in the final against Invictus Gaming, they could do little.

Unfortunately the end of his stage in FANATIC was quite cruel after ending up eliminated from WORLDS group phase giving a more than improvable level. Hissing was one of those indicated by the fans, and more after Chuck’s great role in the matches that replaced him in the play-in. The Portuguese, according to reports, will be in charge of replacing it in 2023.

Hissing will have in front of him a new opportunity to redeem himself, after causing in MAD Lions. The lions have a crucial year in front of them, since they have to demonstrate to Eloy that they can form a competitive and winning project, after in 2022 they have not at the height or in LEC, or in Worlds, falling into the play-In for the second time in its history.