Path of Exile

The Forbidden Sanctum League Reveal

The information of their fourth expansion of this year will be revealed at 11AM December 1st (PST) at pathofexile!

In the livestream we will find out all about the brand-new difficulty league and other content of the expansion. As normal, after the livestream, Chris Wilson will answer as usual our burning concerns live in a Q&A session with Ziggy.

Twitch Drops will be allowed for the livestream. They will announce the benefits in a couple of days.

Watch on our The Forbidden Sanctum League center, where we will as always publish all info and obviously our recommended league starter builds.

Just a little heads-up that we are extremely close to the statement of the brand-new Path of Exile December league The Forbidden Sanctum.

When will the next Path of Exile League be announced? .


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