Tragedy At RB Leipzig: Person Collapses and Dies at Stadium Entrance Before Cup Match

One day after its revival, the person collapsed at the stadium entryway of the Bundesliga club RB Leipzig before the Saxons’ cup round of round passed away in a medical facility.
The club announced this on Thursday afternoon.
The Leipzig did not provide any further details on the other situations, but expressed buddies and loved ones of the departed person our condolences and compassion.

Before the cup game of the cup defender against TSG Cofferdam (3-1), the fan collapsed at an entrance gate to the Leipzig Arena.
At the arena entrance, a person had to be reanimated before the video game, was looked after and taken to the hospital, said Leipzig shortly afterwards to the medical emergency.


As a sign of solidarity with the fan that has a hard time for survivors, the fans of the hosts largely prevented loud assistance in the course of the game.
Only with evictions and the final whistle briefly broke up cheers.