Unlocking The Relics Of Death In Hogwarts Legacy: A Trophy Guide

Hogwarts Legacy’s list of trophies and achievements has been leaked, and there are several interesting lanes about what players can find on the RPG developed by Avalanche Studios.
One of them indicates that players will have access to death relics (wand of wands, invisibility cover and resurrection stone) during the campaign.
The achievement/trophy in question is called Hunter of relics.
In the PlayStation consoles the trophy in question is onze, while on the Xbox consoles is a secret achievement that will yield to players 20 g.
Although it is not possible to predict what role the death relics will play in the game, it is possible to infer that they will be part of some optional mission.
Because it is a secret achievement, players are likely to zero the main campaign of Hogwarts Legacy without necessarily having access to the relics of death.
Therefore, players will probably have to access some non-mandatory area of the game map, or start a game quest of the game.


In addition to relics, other list achievements point out that exploitation of the game world will be a fundamental part for those who want to unlock all the achievements of the game.
In addition, secondary activities, such as the development of all potions, learning all spells and developing all the game lines of the game, are also on the Avalanche RPG trophy conquest list.
Hogwarts Legacy will have three distinct release dates, depending on the game version.
The RPG arrives on Feuary 10, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, April 4 for PS4 and Xbox One and July 25 for Nintendo Switch.