Activision Blizzard CEO Threatens UK Government: Block Microsofts Purchase or Face Consequences

As already known, Microsoft’s dispute is currently activated for buying Blizzard Activision, a process that has taken more than desired, and that is because some regulatory organisms have not approved the idea.
However, the CEO of that company Bobby Kick has become serious with his intentions and his intentions that the transaction closes.
Recently he affirmed that blocking the acquisition would represent a great blow to the government’s ambition to become a technological superpower.
In fact, the regulator is expected to have its conclusions this week.
This unlike other joints such as the United States, which has a long time until August.
This is what he mentioned in an interview with the CNBC:

If a treatment like this cannot happen, they will not be Silicon Valley, they will be Death Valley.

Either the FTC or the CMA or the EU, do not know our industry, so they are trying to catch up and understand it better.

I don’t think they completely appreciate that it is a free business, that Japanese and Chinese companies dominate the industry.

You look at Sony, you look at Nintendo, they have these huge libraries of intellectual property.


Sony’s studies date back to 80 years, Nintendo has the best characters that exist in video games.

And I think they are a little confused about where the competition is today.
The best companies in the world at this time are companies like Tencent and ByteDance, and these are companies that have protected markets.
For now, the agreement does not seem to have an approximate closure, with a defined date.
Via: VGC
Editor’s note: Without a doubt, closing the theater, even with this, Microsoft seems determined to give it a positive conclusion.
It is likely that until mid-2023 we have more solid news.