Exploring the Magical Rotations of the Globes in the Hogwarts Heritage

If you are similar to us, you enjoyed the time spent in the Hogwarts heritage, exploring the incredible depth of Hogwarts Castle.
During the study of the castle and the solution of puzzles, you probably saw dozens and dozens of globes with which you can interact.
Want to know if spinning gives something in the long run?
We played enough to get an answer, and probably this answer, to which you were the first to lead to you.

are they doing something globes in the Hogwarts Heritage?

A quick and dirty answer-there is no decisive.
Hogwarts’s heritage to the edges is filled with interactive elements that are needed more for taste than for everything else, and these rotating globes are no exception.
Although we understand curiosity.
Depending on which house you started, these globes were probably one of the first interactive objects that you had to touch.
Due to the fact that these things are scattered throughout the game, even beyond Hogwarts himself, it is not surprising that they are suspected.
Despite the fact that there are many interactive elements that serve the goals that go beyond the scope of the taste, we can confirm that all those that matter, in one way or another are monitored in your field guild or in the journal of tasks.
So do not hesitate to ignore these rotating balls or click on them anyway, because why not?
This is a magical world: everything is magical!
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