Game Boy and Game Boy Advance Make Their Debut on Nintendo Switch Online Subscription

Expected for a long period of time, the Game Kid and Video Game Kid Advance games have joined the NEW, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive catalogs among the advantages of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription.
To be more specific, all subscribers can find a selection of Video game Young boy games while Video Game Boy Advance games are assigned to the Nintendo Switch Online + Extra Pack.
If the list of games will not fail to evolve over the months, the launch brochure accessible without more ado includes 9 games video game kid games (with the choice in between timeless filters, Pocket and Color) and 6 video games Video game Young boy Advance.

Suitable video games like Tetris or Mario Kart: Super circuit support multiplayer locally or online (with friends only).
Among the coming video games, Nintendo notably pointed out the Zelda duo developed by Flagship (Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages) on Video game Kid along with Metro id Fusion and Golden Sun on Game Young Boy Advance.

Game Boy (Nintendo Change Online membership).


Video game games Kid Advance (Nintendo Change Online subscription + Additional Pack).