Six Second Division Teams to Compete in the BBL Starting in 2023/24 | The Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) Expands Trophy


From the 2023/24 season, 24 teams and hence six second department teams are to be there, as the BBL revealed on Friday.
In the previous 14 years, the start was only possible for Bundesliga clubs.
From the coming season, there should be an upstream round in which Bundesliga puts one up to 8 of the previous year will not take part.
Appropriately, the leading clubs only intervene in the round of 16.
The leading 6 teams receive the cup competition in the coming season from the second-class Pro.
2 loose pots are formed for the draw.

In pot one, the BBL teams come in ranks 9 to 16, in pot 2 those in ranks 17 and 18 and the Pro groups.
The club has home rights from the 2nd group.
From the round of 16, drawing is freely drawn.
We are convinced that the mode chose will continue to upgrade the cup competitors, said Handling Director Stefan Hold.
The official presumes that the 2 leagues will move even more together.
The second department groups satisfy the Bundesliga clubs in the upstream round and can thus receive the round of 16.
The 2nd department team all approved the BBL proposition, as it was stated in the message.