azilian Team Furia Eliminated: VCT Lock Comes to an End

The International Valiant VCT Lock // In international tournament began on Feuary 13. Although the first azilian series of the championship culminated in the elimination of MIR, the teams Loud and Curia remained strong after a series of wins.


With Erick’s quotes team Santos already classified for the playoff semifinals against DRX, this Sunday (26) was the turn of the fury to prove again.
Fanatic, however, did not facilitate, and the azilians were eliminated from the competition.
The team, formed by the players Douglas Again Silva, Leonardo Madera Serrate, Gaiel QC Lima, Mathews Main Arturo, Khalil Khalil Schmidt and Victor Kong Hugo, surprised after a similar level gameplay.
That of the European team on the first map, but did not support the gameplay for long.

The series

In the first map of the series, choosing the Europeans, the game was dragged for extension and featured great performances by Madera and Timothy Chronicle Khronomov-Ambos chose to play with initiator agents on the Haven map.
Even with the defeat by 16×18 for Fanatic, azilians-specially MADERA and DGZIN-gathered that they are able to deliver good retakes in pairs when necessary.
Despite the great target of both, however, individual performance was not enough to guarantee victory.
Already in the second map-ascent, the curia exploded with 4 rounds in a row and delayed the start of the rival game.
But Europeans quickly turned the game and did not let the panthers mark any more round in the first half.

With the exchange of sides, the game stagnated to Curia, which got only five defensive rounds and ended up losing to aggressiveness and European stability.