Rudi Völler Calls for Heim-Feeling Ahead of Home European Championship

Audi Roller required a feeling of going with a sight to the home European Championship
Any person can slam the DFB, as well as many do that presently, he has additionally provided some templates, claimed the nationwide group director in a meeting with the organization journal.

For the success and also delight of football, the gamers and also followers in the stadiums as well as in front of the displays should be a system.
Globe champion Argentina exemplified as an example in Qatar. Much like we in 2014.
You need this feeling of going, and also in the end everybody would gain from it.
Then, emphasized Roller, the Euro 2024 will be a remarkable experience.
He would certainly like to assist to trigger this fire again.
The team and also attachment need to melt for a common objective.


The 62-year-old sees the negotiations with social networks seriously.
The hate, which is partly expressed there, such as gamers that fired a fine is surprising, he said.
Bigotry is likewise partially divided there: Certainly we are not enabled to approve that, due to the fact that football has constantly been the contrary, for integration.