Discover Sanctuary with Diablo 4 Designers: The Release of Diablo 4 Approaches

The release of Diablo 4 approaches at the same time as June, not to mention the open beta next month, and the promotional machine is active at Blizzard.

At the heart of the game is a new series of videos in which the main designers of Hack & Slash will present the different aspects.
Presented by the director Joe Shell, the artistic director John Mueller, the designer of the quests Harrison Pink and the designer of the dungeons Mini McMurray, this first video of the series offers a general overview of the sanctuary, its five main regions, its bestiary or
still his dungeons.
On the artistic level, the team was driven by the desire to bring this new episode closer to the darkness of Diablo II.
The five regions of the game are therefore not specially bathed in sunshine, and the inspirations of the real world pull more towards Scotland (Stolen) or the mountains of Carpathians (broken peaks) than to the seaside stations of Spain or California, you can imagine.
Even desert areas seem to be deprived of any comforting light.
One thing is certain, Diablo 4 is very proud to present for the first time a world with interconnected regions, without loading time and with coherent transitions from a geological point of view.

At Viable Calvert

Monsoons will also give the feeling of belonging to their respective region, with for example entertainment maze for the desert zone of Kurdistan.
The same goes for monsters that have variants to better integrate into their environment and strengthen the personality of each region.


Some families of monsters have also been reworked to appear more frightening while new species appear as the Hangars, a new breed of serpent men, alongside the essential spiders, skeletons, undead and ghosts.
During exploration, players will be able to come across different events such as bastions, secondary quests, special dungeons, invasions or immense world bosses which can only be shot down in cooperation.
We are also promised long and worked secondary quests on the narrative level.
Let us add that sanctuary is rich in dozens of villages and cities, refuges conducive to exchanges with other players or simply to the management of its inventory.